Read and reread TJ’s Mission Statement below (from its website). Our courses are designed to give students an opportunity to improve their writing skills and test scores in all subjects. Introduction to VIdeos ; Video Math Drills for 7/8th graders; ESSAY WRITING. See Freshman Application Process for updated information (link below), The TJHSST Admissions Office is located at the FCPS Gatehouse Administrative Center: 8115 Gatehouse Rd There are GPA, teacher recommendations, the SIS, and problem solving essay. AOS letter came in today! Stay updated with what's happening at FCPS with, Foundation for Fairfax County Public Schools, Supporting student mental health and wellness, © 2020 Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County, Virginia, Office of Communication and Community Relations, Proposal to Rename Mosby Woods Elementary, Feedback on Proposal to Change the Name of Mosby Woods Elementary School, Timeline for Proposal to Rename Mosby Woods Elementary School, Department of School Improvement and Supports, Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Admissions, Department of Facilities and Transportation Services, Office of Talent Acquisition & Management (TAM), Office of Research and Strategic Improvement, Virginia Board of Education and General Assembly Information, Building for Our Future: Capital Improvement Project Status, Monopoles and Fairfax County Public Schools, Glen Forest Elementary School - Proposed Boundary Adjustment, McLean High School Proposed Boundary Adjustment, December 2 Feedback on Proposed McLean HS Boundary Adjustment, December 4 Feedback on Proposed Boundary Adjustment for McLean HS, Equity Profile - Goal 3: Premier Workforce, Equity Profile - Goal 4: Resource Stewardship, Common Reasons for Poor Attendance and Related Support, Encouraging School Attendance in Elementary School, Encouraging School Attendance in Secondary School. Sterling, VA 20166 More qualified students were displaced and not admitted. Attendance: When Should I Send My Child To School? Being accepted to TJ is a mix of a whole lot of factors, not just test scores. 2012-2013 SHSAT Student Handbook. 2017-2018 SHSAT Student Handbook. Phones are not allowed on test days. All applicants take a multiple choice test in December. We have been helping students prepare for both freshman and transfer (10th or 11th grade) admission to TJ for 24 years. Included in this handbook are two complete sample tests of the Step 3 -- Submit Essay and Information Sheet. In this handbook, you will find useful information about the Specialized High Schools, including programs in the schools, admission procedures, sample tests with test-taking tips, and a calendar of important dates . 2014-2015 SHSAT Student Handbook. I space the kids out, put up dividers, give out multiple versions of tests, and watch them like hawks. Hello! It is the only TJ test prep book to include Scrambled Paragraphs and Logic sections as well as a detailed answer guide. Test Prep Courses for Middle School Students. I am so grateful for your help in IAA. Handbook. From the founding of TJ until about 2000, its administrators and admissions office told prospective students at TJ open houses, "You can't prepare for the TJ Test." Although there have been many efforts to increase diversity in the admissions process, those have largely failed to … Thank you and a big, Summer is enjoying TJ! 2018-19 Student Handbook. Our goal is to ensure that all students and families are provided the same level of information in order to successfully navigate the process. The process of selecting a high school can be challenging and exciting. Apply to TJHSST and Decision Process. We can help your student develop the skills and confidence needed to excel. 2018-20219 SHSAT Student Handbook. Apr 4, 2012. Academies of Loudoun (AOL) Admission Requirements. That would seem very unfair for kids that do not have siblings at TJ. Good Luck!! Students must have strong test scores in reading, science, and math.