They are an excellent plant for busy people, non-plant people, even for black-thumbs. Low-light plants require little to no direct light. (800) ... Houseplants. Jade pothos are perfect low light houseplants for areas that don’t get a lot of sunlight and for people who tend to forget to water their plants. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior). Also known as Aglaonema, this common low-light houseplant comes in 22 different varieties and is... English ivy. Plants which do not require much light fall into the category of shady indoor plants which require less than three hours of direct sunlight or half-shady indoor plants which require a light exposure of between three to six hours. Up to 40% off. Most commonly known as an indoor hanging plant, English Ivy can be trained to climb a … They become great houseplants for beginners. This plant has the most amazing red flowers with a central yellow-white spike. Attractive and hardy vine prefers bright indirect light and a draft-free place. This plant … Known by some as the Sansevieria, this stiff, upright plant grows best in dry soil and only needs some... 2 Spider Plant. … Low light (PPF: 50-150 umol m-2s-1 / 50-250 foot-candles / 10-15 watts) A low-light plant would be suitable for a north window or a fairly dark corner. With this tiny houseplant guide (appropriately sized for my studio space), I could finally navigate the world of low-light indoor plants with confidence. Anthurium or Flamingo Lily is a flowering plant. It is a must-have for your home if you are looking for a pop of color for your apartment. Flamingo Lily Plant in Indoor at Low Light. You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve ever tried to grow plants in your basement, you’ll know that they don’t like darkness. Size: Up to 12 inches tall Its succulent-like adaptations for surviving drought make it a suitable plant choice for the most forgetful of owners. Anthuriums are protected in their natural habitat by being shaded by the canopy of trees, so they can take quite low light … There are tons of different varieties of philodendrons out there, and they are some of the best low... 3. Lucky bamboo. Plants of the pothos family are easiest to grow, and most of them can even grow without direct sunlight. Epipremnum aureum is a species of flowering plant in the family of Araceae, native in Mo'orea, French Polynesia. The snake plant is one of the most hardy houseplants around, say the plant pros at The Sill. 12 Low-Light Plants That'll Thrive (Not Just Survive) Indoors or Outdoors 1 Snake Plant. They require consistent moisture for best performance. Are you wondering which are the bestlow light indoor trees or low light flowering plants? MyDomaine / Grace Kim. Prayer plants are low-growing indoor shade plants that... Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum). Named for the fact that it’s extremely tough, cast iron plants thrive on... 2. Haworthia Zebra (Haworthia attenuata) A member of the succulent group of plants, this little plant , reminiscent of cacti, originates from South Africa and is safe for cats and dogs. Our top 5 best big indoor plants for low light include: A. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) The Golden Pothos also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a plant known for tolerating low light. Ferns are another favorite for low-light settings, and none so much perhaps as the Boston fern. This plant requires little water, and if you can get your plant to bloom, it’ll produce small white flowers which will give off a hint of cinnamon. Here are 20 indoor plants that thrive on low light. Calathea grow well in medium to low light. Get free shipping on qualified Low Light Indoor Plants or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Outdoors Department. Low Light Indoor Plant List 1. So when we talk about the best indoor plants for “low-light conditions,” what we really are trying to identify is the plants most tolerant of living in a dark apartment with one wall of windows (or possibly, one window). The flowers are bright red, have waxy petals and can bloom all year round, that too … The underside of the leaf is a beautiful purple. If so! No household plant list is complete without mentioning the trusty, tolerant spider plant. Most plants will survive at 10x lower values than specified but they won’t thrive (hence why low light plants can grow in the 50 lux living room). Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant) Starting at $29.95. The plant looks like a string of pearls, which is a cool décor feature. Available in dark green and variegated forms, spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum, makes a great tabletop or basket plant in low-light conditions. Today I will be sharing 13 houseplants that do not mind low-light situations. During the winter, mist the plants frequently to help prevent the leaf tips from turning brown. Light: Low light or indirect light. Hardly any light. Calathea, including the beloved prayer plant, grow well in medium to low light. “Although tolerant of low light, bromeliads need a relatively bright spot to encourage blooms,” says Lauren Camilleri, co-founder of Sydney plant delivery service, Leaf Supply. Low light flowering plants like this anthurium are a blessing of nature to any home. Philodendron. The Bromeliad family of plants are not typically considered easy house plants, but the Aechmea genus includes species that positively thrive in low-light situations. In fact, plants need light to survive. So let’s break it down a bit further because it depends on some more factors, namely what season of the years as to how high in the sky the sun is and how much sunlight your plant will get. I was sold. Water: When the soil is dry to the touch. It’s also known as a bead plant for similar reasons. While a plant may tolerate lower light growing conditions, more light may be required to promote dense foliage and flowering. They are gorgeous leafy plants with typically dark green leaves and then silver or pink colored pin stripes. However, quite a few can survive in low light conditions so before you get skylights installed or replace all your real plants with fake ones, maybe reconsider your choice of house plant. This plant can tolerate very low light levels making it ideal for dim, first floor apartments and office cubicles. A relative of the pineapple, these tropical indoor flowering plants feature striking blossoms that bring a serious pop of colour to your indoor garden. Low Light Houseplants. The monstera plant with its iconic leaves is always a stunner, and it's a great houseplant because it can thrive in a lot of different environments, including your bathroom. Aechmeas are typically sold while they are already flowering, and they will hold their bloom and shapes for … Low Light Houseplants. Its discovery was a happy accident: The plant came to the attention of Fred C. Becker, a florist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when, in 1894, a nurseryman in Philadelphia shipped 200 fern plants to Becker. Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items. 15 Low-Light Houseplants That Thrive in Near Darkness Chinese evergreen. It can grow in low light and needs moist soil. These exotic plants are surprisingly easy to care for, even if … As a rule, the lower the light, the less frequently they will flower. Anthurium bloom in red, white or pink and rebloom well in medium to low light. Naturally, my eyes immediately gravitated to plants that required very little natural light, and to my delight, many of them were tropical in appearance, stemming from the rainforest.