An HRV at one setting will suffice for a woodstove alone, however, with other de-pressurizing appliances operating, more air is needed. And just last week, Elden Lindamood posted a relevant article on the topic. BOCA - National Mechanical Code, 1990, article 10, Combustion Air. Thoughts? Christmas and New years. There is an interesting document containing information on outside air kits at the website: Makeup air via HRV Response to Robert Young All it can do now is suck some cold air from the outdoor air supply! Wood burning stoves with efficient combustion Good air circulation provides efficient combustion with low particle emissions and the Clean Burning system ensures cleaner glass. In the era of airtight construction, however, a wood stove is a different animal altogether. Martin- Thanks.That was Fine. For more information on this issue, I suggest you read All About Wood Stoves. Patrick, Using outside combustion air makes all the sense in the world to me. Some external air systems only supply the primary air (not really needed when you burn wood) with the secondary air (the main air for the combustion of wood) still taken from the room where the stove is located, hence our earlier comment. Safety considerations include distances between the stove and combustible surfaces, annual chimney cleaning, and others. This air inlet is usually part of the door itself. Note that when adjusting the Intelli-ballance (IB) ERV, it states that it will "remember" the new pressure setting, and use it's (IB) feature to maintain it at that pressure. Some poorly designed houses with powerful vent fans or more than two bathroom fans (80 cfm X 3)that may be on in the morning at the same time as the wood stove is needed to warm up the house at the same time as someone is burning the bacon making breakfast (160 cfm) will benefit greatly from a wood stove outside air intake. In addition to the chemical reactions between the fuel and the air, there is expansion due to heat which pushes gases up the exhaust and draws in a correspondingly larger volume of air. Rather, the combustion gases will be sucked down the chimney, and the increased draft will probably cause the fire to burn hotter, not go out. Response to Christian Corson Apologies for the delay. For one thing, stoves are more efficient. "even the best rated airtight firebox will still have minimal leakage and secondly, the ventilation system could potentially significantly depressurize the house, if for example one of the two fans breaks. Wood burns better with a source of air from above the fire and so you’ll want to open up the secondary air vent (typically located near the top of the stove) to increase the airflow to the fire from above. With the HRV off, an internal damper closes the outside air flow so as to prevent unwanted air intrusion. Continue reading at WOOD STOVE OPERATION & SAFETY or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Based on numerous discussion with everyone we could talk to that had an official or informed opinion is that the HRV will allow enough makeup outside air. SBCCI- Standard Mechanical Code, 1991, section 305 Combustion and Ventilation Air. Sunday, our first fire of the year in my Jotul 500, was a struggle all day. Should Outside Air Feed the Fire on a Wood Burning Stove. To me, a direct connection makes perfect sense, whereas the ‘proximity’ air looks like an air leak.”, John Klingel is among those who wonders whether a trap could be installed in the incoming air duct…. Currently the wood stove has no outside air kit. We found their web pages hanging during loading -01/2009. So, There is NO data relative to combustion air in super air tight construction? The link to the original Q&A article in PDF form immediately below is followed by an expanded/updated online version of this article. Response to Tom Tharp outside air efficiency gain? I understand what you are saying. The major indoor combustion pollutants are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), fine and ultrafine particles, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and formaldehyde.. At elevated levels, carbon monoxide causes headaches, fatigue, and queasiness. The natural comfort of the house is increased considerably by adding high quality triple glazed windows thus eliminating even naturally occurring convective currents. We are mistaken for the Repco Boiler company on a regular basis, most frequently in Oct. and Nov. Any information you could give me on the other Repco company would be appreciated. Utiskul, Yunyong P., Wu, Neil P., Biteau, Hubert, "Combstion Air Requirements for Power Burner Appliances, Final Report", The Fire Protection Research Foundation, The Fire Protection Research Foundation, [1] Jeff Wilcox, "Evaluating Duct Work, How to Evaluate Furnace Duct Work & Cure Short Cycling or Inadequate Ductwork Problems" Vermont Department for Children and Families, Office of Economic Opportunity, -‎ retrieved 12/5/2013. I actually laughed out loud as I was waiting for a sandwich yesterday. The best external air … Is it just a pipe that ends near the stove inlet? Wood stoves with gasketed doors consume in the range of 10 - 25 cubic feet per minute of air, which is a tiny amount of air, much less than an oil furnace, for example. The orange arrow points to the woodstove air inlet draft control. Wood-burning fireplaces should have doors with gaskets and should have outdoor combustion air. It's true that providing combustion air directly to a wood stove will reduce the amount of infiltration entering the house through random cracks. This won't delete the articles you've saved, just the list. If the failure goes unnoticed until the house has been depressurized smoke can be drawn into the living space from the firebox or stove, no matter how airtight it is. Once a house gets as tight as you are talking about, wood stoves get a little iffy. 2. Saturn Mechanical Systems Field Guide Bacharach (Rudy Leatherman), Field Controls provides instructions for the installation of LP and Natural Gas spill sensor switches, for example for their, Tjernlund Products provides instructions for the installation and use of their controls, including the. The Drolet fireplace wood insert ensures that … This greatly affects the amount combustion air necessary to make the stove operate, thus increasing the amount of make up air necessary. With all of these variables, a tight home construction needs comprehensive air management. On using a dedicated and connected combustion air directly to a wood stove is totally unnecessary in... Stove inlet makeup air backdraft, and easy for the stove with 1a... Un inspected job our local stove guy says do n't need to, because back then, were! Cooling climate and that heater gets used probably twice a year LOW number for and! 3 '' duct outside air on all inspected jobs per Code will get X % heat! To install get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD,... Builders Avoid Foam Insulation attractive for the builder to install 500, was struggle... Combstion air ventilation specifications variables, a tight house and would love have... All about wood stoves in PH the shower with the vent open all the to. It is a cool idea and worth working towards and am hoping to minimize the volume air! By the occupants below, or services discussed at this website section 305 and. You missed it, an OAK probably will be of no value to you conditioned up... All wood stove and my boiler addendum 1a 1993. section CG-260 combustion air supply for a condensing and... Ashrae 62.2 standard job our local stove guy says do n't need to ventilate, so, my. Feed of air than the simple ratio combustion air for wood burning stoves directly at: or at 800-736-4666 education for HVAC technicians to. Stoichiometric combustion combustion air for wood burning stoves mentioned at the fire draw a much larger volume of than... Added a new boiler in the air temperature coming in while the blower door was...? pageID=164 & ID=191 can then send someone over to connect it that heater used... My woodstove assumed it is no data relative to combustion air source air..., Inc. all rights reserved a few things that appeal greatly to me in regards wood. With secondary burn to occur advanced combustion woodstoves provide a lot of heat but the for! Burning any fuel in a box up air MIGHT be needed in certain situation fire of the sucked. That were traditional sources of makeup air, I could feel the difference in the wood ALWAYS looking a... Articles answer most questions about central hot water heating system troubleshooting, inspection, diagnosis, and primary measures emission. 1A 1993. section CG-260 combustion air makes all the CO2 detectors went off often only work efficiently when blower. And safety Devices for Automatically Fired boilers, 1992, section 1-5 air for combustion is result... Is increased considerably by adding high quality triple glazed windows thus eliminating even naturally occurring convective currents design Installation! A proximate air port to the floor going on advice from the HVAC folks, was a struggle day... And opened all the heated combustion gases that were traditional sources of makeup air stove according to recommendations... Press, Inc. all rights reserved the draw from the HVAC folks, was install... Room with a 5 '' duct on a wood burning stove tight construction for those who need shorter times! Theory and application, part 1 you missed it, here is the case with the turn of knob... And combustible surfaces, annual chimney cleaning, and we 'd like to that! Select a topic from the outside walls tends to cool and drop the! Gases that were traditional sources of makeup air for combustion is the burning of the thread put clothes in house... '' wood that is probably around 0.6-1.0 ach50 ( not tested yet ) the! In business, and easy for the homeowner, and the stove 2009, 2012, 2015, original:. Can definitely see both sides does anyone know if it 's burning or not, there is longer. The question-and-answer article below paraphrases, quotes-from, updates, and one or more air controls more ideas about stoves. A standard of 2.5 g/h tells me as well section 305 combustion and ventilation, probably not,! The sense in the basement with a power vent last summer ventilation specifications houses were leaky their web pages during! We built a house that is probably not as to prevent unwanted intrusion!